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Configuration of VMware VUM in 6.7

Using update Manager for Esxi Patching

Patching is an important part of every technology so, no matter weather you are using network devices or servers. You have upgrade or update device or hardware security & Operating System patches. In VMware vSphere, Update Manager (VUM) plays a important role for patching and upgrading software. VUM managing the life cycle of the vSphere environment by ensuring appropriate patches and update are installed in the system. Earlier version required separate installation of VUM however in 6.5, its integrated with vCenter appliance. You can update download & remediate the host, Virtual hardware and VMware tools through VUM. Now in this article, we shall configure VUM under VMware vSphere 6.7. VUM interacts with VMware portal os share repository to locate the appropriate patches/upgrades/extensions against the objects in the vSphere inventory. Login to your VMware vSphere web portal and click on Update Manager to configure VUM.

In our given scenario, we are using appliance hence by default baselines are created in the system (Non-Critical Host Patches, Critical Host Patches and Custom Updates. You choose default or create new baseline as per your environment needs.

For New baseline, Click on Manager tab, Click the host Baseline Tab, and then click on new baseline with Plus sign.

Entre the baseline name and description, select Host patch option or appropriate as per your requirement.

Select dynamic baseline so that we you can change the criteria's in your repository according to your need.

​Now you will get below window, Select relevant criterion. I'm selecting security and critical option as these are most important in every hardware and software patches.

Select patches which you wish to install or leave at default option and click next button

Select patches and click next to proceed further.

Click Finish button to close complete the process.

You can remediate the Host, Virtual Machine or hardware version by selecting right click option.

Note :- To understand remediate process and function for Esxi and virtual machine, please refer my articles "Remediate host & Virtual machines from VUM

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