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Configure the Host Cache

Host cache is recent features under VMware new version. In this process, memory pressure typically manage by advance memory management techniques such as TPS, ballooning, compression and swap to host cache. First three techniques are usually work when pressure is building up, but once the limit exceeded, swap to host cache comes into picture. This can be consider and configure only on SSD. So, introducing SSD will not only help your overall Esxi performance also act as a swap to host cache.

Pease ensure appropriate license must be available to allows you to set up and manage a virtual flash resource. If you have the license, use the virtual flash resource for host cache configuration.

Configure the host cache, go to the host's configuration tab in the vSphere client and click 'Host Cache Configuration'. You should see any existing datastores that reside on SSD storage.

If you have yet to create a datastore on your SSD storage you can from this pane by clicking 'Add Storage'.

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