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Creating Local User In Esxi host

Creating local users in Esxi host via GUI and Command Line

Creating a another local that equivalent authority of root user is best option to avoid last minute surprise on security issues as well as help to maintain compliance in the system by disabling or keeping restricted rights on root user. Giving equivalent root permission or customize rights to user is better option. Here is the option to create local user through GUI or Commandline Use the vSphere Web Client to connect directly to the ESXi host and open the “Local Users & Groups” tab:​

Right-click into the “Local Users & Groups” window and select “Add…”

Enter a login name and a password (user Name and UID will be generated automatically, if you leave the fields blank):

​Click On the Host and select permission from Action Menu.

Once you selected permission, another windows will open where you need to select add user option. Now select new created user from the list and assign appropriate permission to this ID. e.g in my scenario "EsxiAdmin ID" which i created in my environment and assigned root equivalent rights to this ID.

[root@Esxi01:~] esxcli system account list User ID Description ------- ------------------------------------------- root Administrator dcui DCUI User vpxuser VMware VirtualCenter administration account

[root@Esxi01:~] esxcli system permission list Principal Is Group Role Role Description --------- -------- ----- ------------------ dcui false Admin Full access rights root false Admin Full access rights vpxuser false Admin Full access rights

[root@Esxi01:/bin] esxcli system account add -i esxadmin -p passw0rd@123 -c passw0rd@123

In above example, new user will be created under host with the name of esxadmin and the password would be e.g passw0rd@123

[root@Esxi01:/bin] esxcli system permission set -i esxadmin -r Admin

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