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Creating Templates in vCenter

Creating Template under VMware 6.7

Login into vSphere vCenter with Administrator or credentials with equal rights for creating template

Create a virtual machine with windows or Linux operating system which will work as an master copy for creating virtual machines. Make sure all pre-required has to be installed in this master virtual machine

Select the virtual machine which you would like to convert as an template and right click to select “Convert to Template” option.

Once you select convert to template, system will convert this virtual machine as a template and it will be reflect in vCenter as a Template e.g “Wintel_001”

Register the machine to select “New VM from this Template”

Name the Virtual machine and select Data Centre, click next Option to proceed further

Select Host under the VM will be deployed and select Datastore where VM will be stored their files. You may change the disk configurations in Datastore windows like weather it will be Thin, Think etc .

Click on the finish button to register new virtual machine from template.

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