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Esxi PSOD Error (local Debug Mode)

Esxi fail with PSOD "no heartbeat"

This article provides information to decode ESX/ESXi host purple screen errors and gives you more understand of cause that reflected in below screen

This error associated with memory. Check physical box memory or open a ticket with hardware vendor and get physical box memory test.

For more information, check vmkernal.log or press Escape to move into local debugger mode. Here are some options you will get for more understanding.

  1. At the purple diagnostic screen on the ESXi host, press the Escape key on your keyboard. The console switches to a black screen titled vmkernel debugger (h for help).

  2. Type l and press Enter on your keyboard to display the VMkernel log.

  3. Use the PgUp, PgDn, and arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll through the VMkernel log.

  4. Take screenshots or notes of key information from the VMkernel logs preceding the purple diagnostic screen.

  5. Press the Escape or q key on your keyboard to exit the log viewer.

  6. Search for log messages or review Interpreting an ESX host purple diagnostic screen (1004250) to interpret available information.

Every error mean some reason, you need to understand the precise cause through log study. If required, open a case with VMware or Hardware vendor for further troubleshooting and fix.

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