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Exporting Virtual Machines Logs

Exporting Virtual Machine logs

This article gives a insight on basic troubleshooting of Virtual machine and its associated log parameters. Sometimes Virtual machines misbehave which makes you in trouble. Now, question on troubleshooting's So, here is the options :- Download the Logs and upload into VMware support, they will check and assist you in fix and solution. another online option, VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics (SHD) which actually best tool.

This online tool analyze log files and detect known issues and gives you recommended solution through KB Articles. This may help you in troubleshooting like

  • A virtual machine hosted on an ESX/ESXi host cannot be powered on

  • The virtual machine power on task fails

  • The virtual machine does not turn on

For more information on this topic, refer my another article of VMware SDH If you are well known on logs files and their study process then export the logs and check the precise issue. refer below

logs, another window will come and gives you two options.

Select appropriate option and specify the interval if required.

The moment you submit, system will generate the TGZ file. Open this zip file with Winzip or any other zipping software. If required. You may also upload and share this bundle with VMware team for analysis.

Or you can simply download the log files from Virtual machines folder and check errors and do your troubleshooting

There is another article that associated with Virtual Machines log analysis that gives you more clarity on how to study the logs and troubleshooting through Virtual machine logs.

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