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Money Plant

Growing money plant in the house brings positive energy as well as happiness and prosperity. This plant also good for interior decoration.

Here are some types of families under this plant.

  • Golden Money Plant

green leaves with yellow splashes. looks good in hanging pots in balconies and terrace gardens. They can grown in very well even in low lights environment.

  • Splint leaf Money plant

Fast growing houseplant that can be survive in even low light. good to keep in indoor area like drawing room and lobby area etc.

  • Marble Prince Money Plant.

Marble queen is its distinct white and green colors on the

leaves. If you are looking for a plant to keep indoors, marble

king is a great choice,

  • Jade Plant

Often an indoor plant, you can grow it outdoors as well. It does not require much attention and can survive even in dry conditions.

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