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Setting up sphere vCenter HA

This article give you insight on setting up VMware vSphere vCenter HA establishment under 6.7 version. We know the importance of HA so let's not recall the importance & definition of High availability. we shall directly jump onto their setup and configuration.

Again, this configuration is total based on your environment need. so, do close your pre-checks before you moved onto this installation and configuration piece.

When you use the vSphere Client, the Set Up vCenter HA wizard creates and configures a second network adapter on the vCenter Server Appliance, clones the Active node, and configures the vCenter HA network.

Below are some pre-requisite which you need to follow :-

  • Deploy vCenter Server Appliance that you want to use as the initial Active node.

  • Appliance must have a static IP address.

  • SSH must be enabled.

Now, let's get started their configuration.

Log in to the Active node with the vSphere Client and select the vCenter and click on configuration option.

Select vCenter HA under settings.

Select the appropriate network

In the Resource settings section, first select the vCenter HA network for the active node from the drop-down menu.

Click on the checkbox if you want to automatically create clones for Passive and Witness nodes.If you do not select the checkbox, you must manually create clones for Passive and Witness nodes.

For the Passive node, click Edit.

  • Specify a unique name and target location.

  • Select the destination compute resource for the operation.

  • Select the datastore in which to store the configuration and disk files.

In my case, i already created datastore cluster hence selected datastore cluster.

please check your select datastore as per your requirement.

Select virtual machine Management (NIC 0) and vCenter HA (NIC 1) networks.If there

are issues with your selections, errors or compatibility warnings are displayed.

  • Review your selections and click Finish

The Passive and Witness nodes are created. When Set Up vCenter HA is complete, vCenter Server has high availability protection. After vCenter HA is enabled, you can click Edit to enter Maintenance Mode, Enable or Disable vCenter HA. There are separate buttons to remove vCenter HA or initiate vCenter HA failover.

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