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Standard vSwitch Implementation

Implementation of standard switch

Use standard switches to provide network connectivity to hosts and virtual machines. A standard switch can bridge traffic internally between virtual machines in the same VLAN and link to external networks.

you connect the physical NICs of the hosts to uplink ports on the standard switch. Virtual machines have network adapters (vNICs) that you connect to port groups on the standard switch. Every port group can use one or more physical NICs to handle their network traffic.

Please find below steps to configure Standard Switch under vSphere

Select option basis on your requirement. like Vmkernal interface, virtual machine port group or Physical network adapter. in our case, we are creating standard switch hence selecting second option.

Now, select "New Standard Switch and continue to next.

​Select the Network Adapter to assign physical adapter for the switch. This is done by clicking on + icon on window. Select multiples adapters in single shot if required.

Click on Finish button.

Check recent task pane which shows the progress of the activity. once it complete, task shows as completed.

In above case, we selected two physical adapter under management network (vmnic0 and vmnic1). Now, its time to configure port group and other network configurations.

Repeat step one, add host network icon and select third option "Virtual port for a standard switch. Select next to continue.

Select vSwitch0 to configure port for this Switch. Now, enter network label which will be the name of your port group and select VLAN ID if any that associated with network. Click the next to continue.

Check all configurations and click finish button to finalize port group under this vSwitch.

New Port Group has been created under vSwitch0. Now while creating a new machines, this new Port group will be visible for selection.

Note :- Ensure right selection of physical adapters against each port group and switch. misconfiguration may lead unexpected disconnections in network on VM

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