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Virtual Machine Pinned to a Host

Virtual Machine pinned to Host error

This article associated with subject error and explain on its solution. Troubleshooting on VMware sometimes very interesting specially when you are trying your all efforts to understand the issue and things not move as per your expectations. Here is the error which I got recently while migration the virtual machines. suddenly post restart, Virtual machine got stuck and throwed error "Virtual machine pinned to host". after inspecting the entire environment, I found there was an anti-affinity rule created under vCenter server which causing VM not powered on. Here is the steps through you can check and fix this problem. 1. Click on Configuration Tab under Cluster where the VM below

​​Click on VMhost Rule and check if there is any rule created for issue reported VM, If yes then amend or recreate the rule as per your infra requirement. Delete the rule if it's not required. (see as per below pic)

Now, power-on the VM and wait until it boot and reach to OS login.

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