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VM Hardware version Upgrade Process

This article provide you the information on VMware Virtual machine Hardware version upgrade process and its procedure. below points are important before initiate upgrade process.

Modification of the virtual hardware version on the vCenter Server Appliance is not supported and possible.

​Upgrading a Virtual Machine to the latest hardware version is like swapping the device out of one system and placing it into a new one. Success dependency totally dependent on the guest operating system. VMware does not recommend upgrading virtual hardware version if you do not need the new features exposed by the new version

You can automate this process though VMware update manager as well. No downtime required on Esx or Esxi level, you need only guest operating system downtime to reflect the new changes on system.

Note: Before you upgrade the virtual hardware version of a virtual machine, create a snapshot or backup of the virtual machine in case there are issues post upgrade. Upgrading VMware Tools must be done before upgrading the virtual hardware except for the guests running Linux distributions or FreeBSD releases that have vendor supported open-vm-tools installed in the guest.

Check compatibility through below option under VMware web client login.

Click on upgrade VM compatibility option and select yes to proceed.

It will prompt and show you the compatible hardware version with you Esxi like below. Click on Ok button to process further.

Once you click on Ok button, system will perform the operations and upgrade the VM hardware version as per compatible version.

Other side, through VUM. You need to simply open update Manager and create or attach the baseline.

Note : before your upgrade the hardware version, upgrade VMware tools on virtual machine.

Now, right click on the virtual machine and scan for update. Say, VM hardware upgrade option

Now, system will automatically scan the updates and install it on your Virtual Machine.

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