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VM Overrides option

What is VM Override and how we can use this option ?

In this section, we shall discuss on VM Override option and its configuration. Now let understand the definition of this topic first and then move onto its configuration in vCenter. So, its a simple option to Pin the VM to specific host and this will ensure that in case of DRS process VM will remain in its original host. rather than disabling the DRS on entire cluster, this is the best approach and solution. However this cannot be possible on VM level, it has to be configure on cluster level. Configuration of this piece is very simple. follow the below steps to enable VM Override option. Login into vCenter and Click on VM Overrides option under Configuration Tab of Cluster.

​Select the VM which you want to add in VM Overrides option and click next to continue

Now, select DRS option for this specific machine and click on finish. On the same screen, you can set options for what happens with this VM when there is an HA failover. A VM can have various restart priorities. You can choose from the following options: Lowest, Low, Medium, High, Highest, and Disabled.

VM Overrides will benefit when you don't want VM to be effect by cluster configuration and parameters. It is always recommended to check rules that created in the system before migration plan between two DC or other migrations.

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