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VMware Snapshot Backup Process

VM Snapshot Auto Run Schedule in vSphere

Backup is the most important part of every organization and for end-user. Like in windows OS, we have the option of checkpoints through which we can restore the last saved setting by OS. So, no matter whether we are using Windows OS or something else, every product gives the feature of backup and restore. In VMware, you can create scheduled tasks for operations that you want to run at a specified time or at a specified recurring interval of time and this feature is available under snapshot policy as well. you need to schedule a task in the system and rest system will take care basis on a defined schedule. Here are the steps below to schedule the tasks in the system. Before you proceed, make sure you must have appropriate privileges & access permission on your ID to perform this task.

In the vSphere Client, navigate to the object for which you want to create a scheduled task.

  • Select the Configure tab.​​

  • From the list with options on the left, select Scheduled Tasks. (in tis scenario, we are taking snapshot example)

From the New Scheduled Task drop-down menu, select the task to schedule.

  • The Schedule New Task wizard opens.

  • Specify the scheduling options for the task.

    • Enter a name for the task.

    • (Optional) Enter a description of the task.

    • Choose

    • a frequency for the task

Option Description

Option Description

Once Runs the scheduled task at the time selected.

After vCenter startup Runs the task a specified number of minutes after vCenter Server startup.



  • Enter the repeat frequency.

  • Enter the start date and time.

  • Enter the end date and time.


Enter the repeat frequency.

  • Enter the start date and time.

  • Enter the end date and time.


Enter the repeat frequency.

  • Select the day of the week.

  • Enter the start date and time.

  • Enter the end date and time.

​For example, to run the task at 6 am every Tuesday and Thursday, enter 1 week, 6 am, and select Tuesday and Thursday.


  1. Enter the repeat frequency.

  2. Select the days by using one of the following methods.

    • Enter a specific day of the month and the number of months. For example, the tenth day every five months.

    • Select First, Second, Third, Fourth, or Last, and select the day of the week and the number of months. Last runs the task on the last week in the month that the day occurs. For example, if you select the last Monday of the month and the month ends on a Sunday, the task runs six days before the end of the month.

(Optional) To set automated email notifications that are sent to users when the task is complete, enter their email addresses.

  • If the wizard prompts you to enter additional configuration details for the task, enter the details to schedule the task. For example, to schedule taking a virtual machine snapshot, you set the scheduling options for the task and the properties for the snapshot.

  • Click Schedule the task.

Please Note: Do not schedule multiple tasks simultaneously on the same object. The results are unpredictable.

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