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Tags and Custom attributes

In this blog, we talk about tags and custom attributes feature in vSphere, that can make a vSphere administrator’s life quite easy in terms of managing, sorting and arranging vSphere objects.

A tag is sort of a label which can be applied to an object in the vSphere inventory.. After creating a tag, it is assigned to a category. below are the process to create and assign the tag in vSphere environment.

Login vCenter through appropriate credentials and select tags and customs attributes under menu option.

Click on category option and cerate a category.

Click new option to create.

write a category name and description, select ok. Select associate object type on which you wish to add this category.

Now, create a tag with same process through tag button and select the category.

next steps is to assig this category to specific object. right click on the object on which you wish you assign this ag and select "Tags and custom attributes"

In this case, I assign vCenter object to john Mathew as an VM Owner under management Infra. you may create many more tags and categories as per your infra.

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