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VMware NVMe

Before we move onto the details depth of this subject, let's understand the basic concept of NVMe. Its a method for connecting and transferring data between a host and a target storage system. This technology is designed for use with faster storage media equipped with non-volatile memory, such as flash devices. This type of storage can achieve low latency, low CPU usage, and high performance, and generally serves as an alternative to SCSI storage.

The NVMe storage can be directly attached to a host using a PCIe interface or indirectly through different fabric transports.

Below are the types of transport of NVMe currently exist.

In a NVMe storage array, a namespace represent a storage volume. An NVMe namespace is analogous to storage device (LUN) in other storage array. In the vSphere Client, NVMe appears in the list of storage devices. you can use a device to create a VMFS datastore.

Before you proceed for configuration or rollout of this technology, make sure your environment must be compatible to this technology w.r.t host, storage array and hardware NVMe adapters (Fiber channel HBA support)

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